Nail Biting In Children

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Children Biting Nails

children biting fingernails, child biting finger nailsAs parents, we hate our children start biting their nails. It’s like subconscious thing we do: we yell at them, or grab their hand, saying "no!", but we also fail to understand that this is a habit formed by repetition, and so, it is difficult for the child to stop biting their nails just because you said no, in fact, by saying no, you may be reinforcing the habit.

Children start biting their nails for a variety of reasons; the most common are anxiety and nervousness, but also out of boredom or hungry. So the first step should be talking to your child about the nail biting issue. They may give you a clue about the reason they get anxious or nervous. Some children start developing this habit when they parents get divorced for example.

The next step should be replacing the habit for other distractions. Say for example that you are sitting with your child and he starts biting his nails. Now is the time to be more clever, don’t say no (saying no is as strong as saying yes, perhaps even more), instead, distract him. Give him a toy to help him forget about the nail biting habit or start a game.

If your child is a girl, and you are her mother, you can help her by first talking to her about the issue, and showing her your nails, telling her that she will look better with good nails. But be positive, children tend to make fun at each other and she may be suffering this from classmates at school. Although nail biting will probably go away on its own, some conducts like chewing your nails may be a sign of excessive anxiety. This will make your child bite the nails to the point of bleeding. In these case is best to first talk to a doctor to help you and your kid overcome this bad habit.

Author: Paolo Basauri

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Children And Nail Biting

One of the major concerns any parent might have about nail biting in kids, is of course any potential health related consequences.

Can It Do Damage My Child’s Health?

nailbiting children, nailbiting in childrenNail biting in children can be a somewhat delicate subject. When I first started noticing my child was biting his nails, I was worried that this bad habit could bring long term damage to his health.

To make the story short, it doesn’t. As long as the nail bed remains intact, the nail will keep on growing normally. However nail biting can worsen other conditions.

Nail biting can worsen conditions such as paronychia, a nail disease caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. It can also produce the appearance of warts around the nail bed, and what can be dangerous: passing bacteria and fingers to the mouth.

Why is it dangerous? As you know children tend to play everywhere: on the ground, the street, and other places that are full of diverse bacteria.

What can you do about it?

You have to talk to your child in a positive way. Ensure that he or she doesn’t feel punished; instead talk to your kid about what could trigger such behavior. This is the first and most important step towards getting rid of child nail biting. Then take as a parent preventive action:

-Teach your kid to wash their hands after playing in dirty places.

-Keep your kid’s nails trimmed.

-Have a toy or another thing at hand to distract him when he starts biting his nails.

-Build confidence and a strong relationship with your child.

These actions should help you dealing in a positive way with child nail biting. In any case, try to control your ‘punishing behavior’ (Saying NO, threatening, or grabbing his hands) this can all lead to a reinforcement of the same habit you want to eradicate.

So, you see. Although it is true that nail biting ‘per se’ cannot bring long term damage to the health of your child, it can worsen conditions that could pose a threat to your kid’s health. Good luck helping your kid.

Author: Paolo Basauri

child nail biting, kids nail biting

Nail Biting In Toddlers

When we talk about nail biting in toddlers many questions arise. It’s not the same as nail biting in adults, let’s learn about it in this article.

Nail biting is a problem that you have to assume and take the conscious decision to end when you are an adult. But what if toddlers start biting their nails? Is there an effective way to stop them? What does toddler nail biting mean?

Although it falls in the category of "nervous habits", this doesn’t mean that your child is too anxious. In fact when your child is a toddler he or she might start nail biting for other reasons: maybe he is bored, curious or biting the nails just to "pass the time".

This is hard for some parents to understand, as the only reaction they know for nail biting is punishing and threatening the kids. A reaction that when repeated can reinforce the habit they are trying to eradicate.

Is it possible to stop toddler nail biting?

stop child nail biting, stop kids from biting nailsWe must understand that kids at that age are not conscious of everything they do, so this makes it extremely hard for us to prevent toddlers form biting their nails.

As I said before, any sign of punishing or threatening only makes things worse, so please avoid doing that.

The best step to take would be having something at hand to distract them when you see they start biting their nails.

Don’t do anything beyond that until they come to age to fully decide if they want to stop the nail biting habit, don’t even put nail biting creams on them – they perceive it as a punishment.

It is 100% recommended also to keep their nails clean and trimmed, this way they will have less chance of biting their nails (along with all the bacteria stuck in it), and won’t be putting their health at risk when they put their fingers in their mouth. But follow the best advice, it is pretty simple: just ignore toddler nail biting and don’t associate anything with it.

Author: Paolo Basauri

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Biting is an ordinary misbehaviour in preverbal kids, and many kids go from side to side a biting stage. Each year, our tot class has at least one kid that bites in the collection. It is a hard issue for the teacher, … Above all, learn by heart that children who nibble are good kids who are going in the course of a stage. They will, in time, outgrow this period.

Causes of Nail Biting
According to Dr. Marilyn Heins, genetic and environmental factors play a role in nail biting children. Children with parents that were nail-biters as children are more likely to be nail biters. Behavior can be learned too so if there (…)

Stopping the Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking Habit
Repetitive nail biting is one of the habits among children and teenagers. This habit happens about 30 per cent among children aged between seven to 10 years old and about 45 percent among teenagers.

How To Stop Nail Biting In Children
What to DoFocus on the childs nail biting habit when the child is healthy and cheerful.repare the child psychologically to break the habit. Remember nail biting is an unconscious habit. Too much negative attention might worsen the habit.

How I Stop My Child From Nail Biting
I would rather suggest Play Dough instead; it is ideal for any age group and at the same time, helps children develop creativity skills. Controlling temptation: One of the reasons for nail biting in children is temptation.

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There is no effective treatment for nail-biting in children. The use of gloves or mittens, threats or punishment, or bitter nail polishes or solutions to paint onto the fingers have not been shown to work, and may cause (…)

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