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Compulsive Nail Biting – Concerned?

why do people bite their nailsIt is common to have strong feelings of guilt or shame about a nail biting habit, even though it is an unconscious behaviour that can affect anyone at any age.

Compulsive nail biting is based on an automatic thought pattern that you learned at some point in your life, so if you want to eliminate this problem then you have to eliminate the faulty thought pattern.

I realized nail biting is mostly a lonesome and shameful habit. Not one you would talk about in social events, at your job, in the gym locker room, or just about anywhere, 9 minute nail biting cures wanted to create a place where nail biters could go in private and get help and give help in the company of other nail biters. And I’m especially proud of kicking the habit. Give it a try and don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t succeed immediately, just keep on trying and think about freedom it will bring you once you make it.

I finally found something that breaks the nail biting habit. I wish I found out about this product a lot sooner. The 9 minute nail biting cure is helping lots of people shed this nasty habit, One thing that really helps is Motivation, it is always an important part of making a habit change. It’s the initial push, ok maybe a big push, to get you started. Even when you have managed to stop the finger nail biting habit and have nice long nails, you may unconsciously bite one off without realizing it.

Do you have the bad habit of biting your fingernails (or toenails, for that matter)? It is surprisingly true that out of every ten Americans more than two have acquired the fingernail biting habit. Those who start to think this way may develop a new habit, one of keeping their hands out of sight; some even develop a way of shaking hands that allows them to keep their nails out of sight. Is there a condition where people can’t stop chewing and picking or is it just a bad habit? what helped me was 9 minute nail biting cures, best thing i ever found, good luck with your compulsive nail biting.

Author: Greg Wadel

Read about the brilliant 9-minute cure here: Quit Nail Biting. Lots of people have found great help from this easy-to-implement video guide.

biting and eating nails, biting nails with fungus ingested in stomach

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I read in a post at the very beginning of your blog where you talked about removing your acrylic nails which you wore to stop biting your nails. Any tips you’d like to pass along to readers who might be dealing with nail biting that (…)

Tips That Will Work to Reduce Your Nail Biting Habit
Nail biting is a disgusting habit: you chew on you fingers which touch so many things during the day and you’re disrupting the dirt and germ residue caught underneath your nails. Then, you either need to spit out the piece of nail, (…)

Before and After: Miracle Cure
It forms a rigid, protective coating on my nails which strengthens the nail and acts as a solid deterrent to nail biting. No more chips, tears, or breaking—all the things that used to happen to my nails on a daily basis.

How To Stop Nail Biting In Children
Do not rush and expect the nail biting habit to go away quickly. Since nail biting is an automatic or unconscious habit it is going to take some time; so be patient. A strategy that goes step wise would be most effective.

No More Nail Biting
Lee Redmond (of Utah), listed in the Guinness Book of Worl Records for having the longest fingernails, was serverely ingured in a car accident. She lost her nails in the crash and is obviously (…)

mouthpiece for biting nails, mouthpiesce for biting nails

Nail Biting Dilemma & Cure

First, some facts from the experts:

It has been established that many people bite their nails in their sleep, some times only in their sleep, never when awake. This has been linked to stress while dreaming, or stress from the dream, or simply plain old stress. It is thought to be the most widespread form of mild self mutilation, according to Wikipedia.

Where a nail has been bitten too far in, bleeding might occurat the grooves or cuticles. More importantly, the continuous wetting of the fingers can lead to a nasty yeast infection in the nail, and even worse, oral herpes can actually begin to grow on the finger. Ridging, nail deformity and yes, even nail loss is likely to occur. Bacterial infections can also lead to severe dental problems such as gingivitis, said

So you bite your nails often? Do you find it impossible to stop?

Hey, welcome to the club. Nail biting is mostly among children although adults are not excluded from this nervous habit. Famous nail biters are everywhere, & include Tom Cruise, Bruce Springsteen, Lisa Marie Presley, and George W. Bush to name a few.

This irritating habit is more common in boys than girls, and can be seen during periods of nervousness, stress, hunger, boredom or lack of activities. In some cases, it can be a sign of a mental or emotional disorder.

One day I was looking at my nails. No big deal, I have been biting my nails for over 40 years. Did I know why I bite my nails? No, not right away, but I realized I needed to stop biting them. I knew that I would be meeting important people and it would be rather embarrassing to shake hands with ugly, raggednails.

But here’s the dilemma… If you have ever attempted to quit your nail biting habit, you know just how difficult it is. Perhaps you have put on gloves or bandages over your fingertips, or tried bitter-flavored nail polish. Maybe they were successful for a little while, but ultimately you found yourself with chewed-up nails and torn cuticles again.

The first step in stopping this habit is to identify what is causing it, and resolving whatever problems you have. That’s were programs that teach how to stop nail biting with hypnosis are so valuable. In the past these programs were out of reach of most people, & required a lengthy (& expensive) visit, or multiple visits to a licensed hypnotherapist, but nowadays they are within reach of everyone, due to the advent of & self hypnosis programs on a DVD.

One simple Google search for ways to stop finger nail biting was all it took. The website convinced me & I made a simple online purchase & have not regretted spending a penny of it since.

All I can tell you is it worked for me. 40 years of embarrassing & ugly chewed on fingernails & one little purchase of a self hypnosis program, (that I did entirely from my home & entirely at my own pace), & I never even think about biting my nails at all now.

Author: D. Bruce Stevens

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  1. Reece Khan Says:

    Can hypnosis help in anxiety attacks and depression?

  2. admin Says:

    Well, it has shown to be helpful in cases of excessive nail biting and other compulsive disorders… So why not. I’d ask a specialist if I were you :-)

  3. Reuben Powell Says:

    In my opinion, hypnosis can be used on a lot of things like quitting cigarette smoking and confidence building. Should be great for nail biting problems too.

  4. Ava Green Says:

    I am also very interested to know more about hypnosis. Hope it may help with my nailbiting…

  5. Nicola B. Camero Says:

    Nail polish that are acrylic based seems to last longer on my finger nails compared to water based ones.

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